Technologies we build with – You name it, we build it!

Modern web and mobile applications are a blend of various technologies at the client and server sides and we’ve kept ourselves upto date with modern trends.

Don’t worry if you’re unsure of what’s best for you – we will choose and recommend what’s suitable based on your requirements, budget and long term goals.

Server side technologies

We primary build using PHP and PHP driven MVC frameworks like Laravel, Codeigniter for development of server side components. We build APIs and specialized endpoints using Python and Django. Java is primary used when building native Android applications.

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Front-end technologies

We use HTML5 and CSS3 for frontend development with adequate use of Javascript and jQuery for client side interactions. Bootstrap is often used as the foundation of our front-end work keeping in mind the necessary of a mobile first design. For web applications, we use the widely popular React JS and Angular. New addition to our services includes Gatsby JS which is a fast and powerful static site generator, and Barba JS which is a highly powerful Javascript library that is used for building fast, animated websites.

Mobile app technologies

We build native mobile applications using the highly popular React Native, and the emerging Flutter framework from the house of Google and Facebook. We also offer hybrid mobile applications using Ionic and Phonegap which are based on the Cordova application development framework. With a strong Java foundation, we also build native Android applications using core Java in the Android Studio IDE.

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Content Management and E-Commerce

We build bespoke websites and web applications using the highly versatile WordPress CMS which has become the CMS of choice for millions. Woocommerce is our first choice for affordable, flexible and robust e-commerce solutions. We also use Drupal if preferred by the client.