we do

We help small and large businesses achieve their business goals through technology. Be it driving serious revenues through e-commerce and leads, improving productivity through applications, operational excellence through reporting and measurement tools, customer engagement and retention, or simply a fun tech product – we’ll get that sorted for you!
We build robust, scalable and power packed web apps! We build with MERN / MEAN / LEMP stacks
We build hybrid and native Android and iOS mobile apps that help businesses and brands to stay connected with their audiences.
Web & Mobile
We are web development and e-commerce experts working on a range of platforms including Shopify, Woocommerce and fully custom built stacks!
API development
& Integrations
Yes, we know APIs! We build fast, secure and robust APIs with Node / Python and PHP, and we can rapidly integrate your application with third party APIs.

Our Approach



We believe that a job well understood is half done ! Which is why we spend ample amount of time in understanding what you need, and brainstorming a solution that fits the requirement in the most efficient way.
We're not pushy to get the deposit in the bank.



Before we begin the hard work, we like to make sure we're on the same page and that you're clear on what we'll be building.
So we document the technical specifications, deliverables, and the development plan. Development begin once you're happy with the plan.



This is where the magic happens. Our team of expert developers craft your application with due diligence and care.
The project managers ensure frequent communication and check-ins with clients and the team to make sure development is per expectations.



Any piece of software needs ample amount of testing. Corner cases, unexpected user inputs, multitude of devices, OS and browsers can cause the application to behave differently vs. expectations.
We make sure we've tested all the scenarios and we also invite you to become a part of the testing process.



This is the big moment ! Once you're happy with the final outcome (and we make sure you are), we push the application live.
Any previous versions are backed up, post-launch testing is done to ensure no services are affected, and the entire team becomes super active and alert for any issues.



We don't believe in "handover"!
We acknowledge that any web or mobile application needs support and ongoing improvements. Think of us as your techie friend that you can always reach out to for anything that needs an expert hand.