W3C Validation Services and W3C Conformance by Appycodes

W3C Validation Services by Appycodes to ensure your website is fully compliant with HTML coding standards and ranked higher on search engines.

The sole objective of W3C is to ensure that all websites work as the World Wide Web can. Whilst it isn’t official, it’s widely agreed among web site programmers that following these guidelines will also help your website rank higher in search engines results. W3C compliance also helps people easily locate information on the web by ensuring code is organized, and readable across browsers and devices. If you want to compete effectively on the web, your company or organization requires a website that the World Wide Web Consortium approves of.

Your websites should be tested by you against these guidelines utilizing the free on-line identification service of W3C – Click here to run a test now.

If your website validates on the above link, it means your website complies with W3C’s guidelines. It is highly unlikely that your website will fully pass the test.

If your website does not pass the test, the validator will announce any warnings and errors that need to be fixed. These problems need to be resolved in the HTML code of the website.

W3C Validation Services

This is where the Appycodes expertise comes in!

We can make the necessary amendments in your website’s HTML Code to ensure that your website has absolutely no errors in the W3C Validator, and zero or minimum warnings.

Please note: In most cases, your website might still seem to work and display correctly even despite above errors. However, it won’t be technically compliant with coding standards and might behave incorrectly on some browsers or devices.

Sometimes, it also happens that your website’s code is structurally incorrect to a large degree. In this case, the W3C Validator is unable to provide suitable suggestions about the way to correct the problem.

This may mean that the website has this potential to crash or not function correctly.

Remember that the W3C recommendations are a simplified overview of an extremely complex and extremely technical area and is usually reserved for well qualified web developers. It is therefore essential that you hire experienced developers to bring your website up to date and fully compliant with W3C standards.

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