Fact – Your website needs to be (1) Fast and (2) Search Engine optimized.

SEO aka Search engine optimization’s objective is to get a high ranking in search engine results (Google, Yahoo,etc.). Higher web site rankings mean more traffic, more traffic implies more costumers and more sales.

Similarly, a fast loading website ensures that your users love browsing your website, and consume more and more content on your website since the pages load fast. Website load times also benefit SEO rankings.

Website Optimization Services offered by Appycodes, a full scale web development agency

website optimization services

Do you wish to enhance traffic that is organic, drive leads and improving your position in search engine results? Or are you trying to optimize your website as much as possible for higher conversions, user interactions and thus, higher impact? Then, this service is for you.

Measurable Speed and SEO results

We will provide before-after reports that will show the speed and SEO scores of your website before and after our work. Get ready to be impressed!

Fast Turnaround

We will deliver the speed optimization results with 2 days of starting the project, and SEO optimization within 3 days of starting.

We’re not cheap
But we’re affordable & we’re good!

Every new project gets us super excited, and we give shape to these ideas with flawless execution & pixel perfect design.

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Here are a few examples of how these optimizations are done. With regards to SEO, each webpage must have at least more than one Headings. Images must be optimized for the web – Images should not be over 300-400 kB and every image should have an ALT Tag.

Website Speed optimization is done through a variety of measures including Server side cache, Browser Cache, GZIP Compression, Lazy loadinf of images, etc. – The benefits of a fast website is two-fold (1) For the web user, who might not get the same patience to wait around for your webpage to load, as yourself, and (2) For Google, that may penalize your site if it isn’t speed optimized.

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