5 things to remember before you launch your website


We probably all know what a website is – a website is a single domain that consists of different web pages arranged in a structure. But surprisingly, what we don’t know, is the benefits of having a website. In today’s tech savvy world, a website can serve as a global platform for your business or brand.

Irrespective of the size of your business, if you don’t have a website, you are possibly losing out on big growth opportunities for your business. A website itself can be used to accomplish many different marketing strategies to help your business grow. It is a well known fact that more and more shoppers are searching on the web for most of their purchases.

Some people are confused & probably lost – how to start, where to start, and so on. So, we’ve put in top 5 things we believe you should do before you start out to build a website.

1. Define the purpose of your website

Is the aim of your website to tell people that your brand exists and encourage them to get in touch? Is it to sell and market your products online? Or how about to showcase your productive work? Having a clear focus will help you as well as your visitors.

2. Research, research, and research some more!

Do some research about your product or brand – Find out related websites with similar objectives, product or brand and note down the pros and cons others have on their website – This is an important step in creating a good quality website.

3. Choose a good and consistent color scheme and logo

The color schema is a very vital part of your website. It’s important for your business to stand out, and deliver a consistent message. Choosing a color that is unique, resonant with your brand, and different from competition can help customers differentiate between you. (ex: Flipkart and Snapdeal )
Color also plays a massive role in how your logo or brand name is perceived by consumers, so choosing the right color is as important as the design of the logo itself. Different colors are linked with different emotions. But, yes, don’t get lost in choosing too many complicated color palletes – keep it simple.

4. Choose your domain name carefully

Choose a domain that’s short, easy to remember, and represents the nature as well as the unique offering of your brand. It’s not an easy task to change it at a later date, so spend adequate time in thinking about it. Also, if your .com / .in domain is not available, it is not advisable to tweak your company name to find a matching .com or .in domain name. Today,  several new and unique domain extensions (for example .store .me .rock ) are available for purchase in the market. These have the same impact on your search engines scores as a .com domain would have.

5. Website MUST be responsive!

Mobile internet usage stats in India – 371 Mn by June’16 | 76% Growth In 2015. So make sure each visitor has a fluid experience while browsing through your website, regardless of the device they’re using. Ask your web developer to ensure a minimal version of your website when users visit your website on their phone, tablet or any other hand-held device. Think mobile first design!